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205. Long Island Terror

Morgan has come back to us! yay! She uses Paranormal Witness to tell the absolutely terrifying tale of a dark presence plaguing a family just looking for peace. CW This story involves a father who has died tragically. It’s not graphic, but it’s sad.… Continue Reading “205. Long Island Terror”

{From Our Archives} 166. A Brooklyn Haunting

Morgan has been sicky-poo this week so we couldn’t record BUT I’m re-posting a great and terrifying ghost story to keep you satisfied until we are able to record again! We love you thank you for your patience ❤ Katy uses Paranormal Witness to… Continue Reading “{From Our Archives} 166. A Brooklyn Haunting”

188. M&Ms and Ouija Boards: Ghost Encounters from the 50s and 60s

Growing up in the middle of the last century in America is often idealized as carefree and wholesome, but dropping peanuts into cokes and mixing Ovaltine didn’t inoculate the era from the same curiosity to touch the supernatural as all other times. Behind the… Continue Reading “188. M&Ms and Ouija Boards: Ghost Encounters from the 50s and 60s”

168. Psychic Teens, a Haunted Mansion, and a Missing Person

This is truly an episode to satisfy all your interests. Katy uses a very emotional and compelling episode of Psychic Kids (2010) to tell the story of two extremely gifted yet troubled teens learn to harness their abilities in an Inn with a wild… Continue Reading “168. Psychic Teens, a Haunted Mansion, and a Missing Person”