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215. Haunted Massachusetts and Vermont

213. A Voice Came Through the Baby Monitor…

A classic haunted house story in Connecticut told by Morgan

212. Spooky Maine: Witches, Rats, Cats, and Chowder

Katy reads from a completely wacky book called Haunted Maine and we are all the better for it.

201. Salty Seaside New England Haunts

Katy has compiled some particularly briny haunted tales of folks from New England using one of her wonderful Haunted Encounter books. Become a patron here and access the Crescent Hotel bonus episode and others, as well as enamel pins! Get a T-shirt, Mug, Tote-bag… Continue Reading “201. Salty Seaside New England Haunts”

200. {Patreon Bonus} We Read from Goofy Ghost Books

New episode coming next Sunday, in the mean time enjoy this super fun Patreon episode from January! Morgan and I read from our most random ghost story/urban legend books ! Morgan reads from Legends, Lore, and Secrets of New England and Katy reads from… Continue Reading “200. {Patreon Bonus} We Read from Goofy Ghost Books”

196. Two Paranormal Nightmares

You know these stories: the perfect little family, hoping to start a fresh chapter in a new house they just felt called to buy…a dream come true…but is it??!! We make our triumphant spring return to the airwaves with Katy’s tales of paranormal nightmares…will… Continue Reading “196. Two Paranormal Nightmares”

79. Haunting in Foxborough

We’ve returned! Morgan tells the tale of a Massachusetts family haunted by a mysterious and territorial spirit. The matriarch is convinced it’s her estranged mother’s spirit but their neighbor has another idea. Listen and find out! Email us your ghost stories at letterstocamp@gmail.com Morgan… Continue Reading “79. Haunting in Foxborough”

46. Haunted Maine: A Phantom’s Paradise

Katy dives deep into a fascinating state (and a fascinating dialect) in this episode from camp. Listen for old Maine folktales and lore as well as true crime and cover-ups; get to the bottom of a mysterious death, and a mysterious leg. An ill-fated young couple tending a lighthouse, a corrupt town, and a witch’s curse await you. Sometimes desolate and isolating, sometimes gorgeous and vibrant, take a peek into the scary stories our most northeastern state has to offer.