Tag: hauntedhistory

188. M&Ms and Ouija Boards: Ghost Encounters from the 50s and 60s

Growing up in the middle of the last century in America is often idealized as carefree and wholesome, but dropping peanuts into cokes and mixing Ovaltine didn’t inoculate the era from the same curiosity to touch the supernatural as all other times. Behind the… Continue Reading “188. M&Ms and Ouija Boards: Ghost Encounters from the 50s and 60s”

181. English Tales of WWII Spirits

Here are three tales from Katy of English folks who brushed against recent history in a very jarring, and meaningful way. In each first hand account, the writers reveal how they came to encounter a spirit related to the second world war. Become a… Continue Reading “181. English Tales of WWII Spirits”

179. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

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