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172. Reading Ghostly Encounters: Ghost stories from Around the World

In this episode Katy reads the fantastic true accounts of peoples’ ghost experiences from around the world from the book Ghostly Encounters. In this episode, we go to England, Canada, Italy, and America. Today’s Patreon story is for Silvia! Become a Patron here Email… Continue Reading “172. Reading Ghostly Encounters: Ghost stories from Around the World”

170: Haunted Wheatsheaf Pub

Katy uses A Haunting (Haunted..? idk they all sound the same) to tell the tale of the haunted Wheatsheaf pub in northeastern England. Email us your ghost story at letterstocamp@gmail.com Become a patron here

48. The Abandoned Wing of Saltmarshe Hall

Katy recalls Most Haunted’s journey through the abandoned wing of Yorkshire’s Saltmarshe Hall, a massive regency manor home with extremely active spirits. Listen as the Most Haunted team unseals a floor of the abandoned wing that hasn’t been touched since it was closed in the 1930s, and the terror and hilarity that ensues.