A lighter tale to cleanse our pallets from the super scary most recent episodes, Katy takes us to the small New York town of Sleepy Hollow and explores the story that brings it fame, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving, as well as the experience of English ghost hunting team Most Haunted (low on equipment, high on screams). Is the Sleepy Hollow cemetery really haunted? Is drawing alone in a cemetery actually weird? Is Brian the medium made up of cord, or is it rope? Listen and find out!

Katy’s beloved Ian guest stars in this episode and regales us with tales of the Iceman Curse, a trail of death that formed in the wake of the discovery of a frozen, preserved body in the Alps. Morgan leads us back to the states with a family haunting and a creepy hunchback, and Katy takes us to the deep south as she reads the terrifying account of a listener who sent in her own stories of the paranormal persuasion.