25. The Legend of Catherine’s Hill + Listener Story Special

It’s time Morgan and Katy addressed a truly fascinating and long dismissed element of paranormal activity: the weather. Namely, fog. Lifted from an episode of American Paranormal featured on the Weather Channel, Katy takes us through the legend of Catherine’s Hill, the story of a forlorn and possibly nefarious lady who haunts a coastal Maine road. And as a special treat, she reads a truly terrifying listener story. Not terrifying because of the spirit itself, but because of what might have happened if the spirit hadn’t intervened. So buckle yourself in for a ride through Black Woods road where you might encounter Catherine, or worse–FOG!

24. A Casual Canada Haunting

Morgan tells of a Ontario family plagued by a strange, not altogether unpleasant spirit. Listen for cats, fire safety, bird flu, everything you’ve ever wanted in a podcast!

23. Halloween Hangover: DIY Catacombs

Halloween is over, and we’re pretty sad about it. But it won’t stop us from telling a spooky story that’ll be sure to chill you, especially if you’ve ever babysat.

Halloween Special

Chock full of rapid fire true scary stories, Halloween movie trivia, and a killer listener story sent to us for the special, this episode is extra long extra fun and extra freaky.


3. Listener Special: Smells like Kimchi

Katy can’t resist retelling two horrifying tales from an anonymous sender. Join your trusty counselors as you learn of a young boys traumatic upbringing in a haunted home, and why you should always say no if a spirit ouija-board-asks to spend the night.

22. Waverly Hills 90210

Morgan terrifies and fascinates with her tale of the Waverly Hills sanatorium in Kentucky.

2. Listener Story: Haunt Meat

Katy is sent an insane and terrifying ghost story from an anonymous sender which will make you give your neighborhood creepy house a wider birth than usual. Put up your crafts and change out of your swimsuits, camp activities are over and the wacky scary stories begin.

21. Pluckley Village: A Good Amount of Ghosts

Listen as Katy describes two of the many (twelve) ghosts of what is allegedly the most haunted village in England: Pluckley. A highwayman is murdered violently in the “screaming woods” and Katy tells how the Most Haunted team follow the clues until they unravel the mystery around his death.

20. The Magnolia Hotel: Life Beyond Medium

Morgan tells of the haunted Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, TX and the multitude of people that have died or been miserable in and around the premises.


19. The Nature of Skinwalkers and Dogs

Katy takes us through the Navajo legend  of Skinwalkers and shares an account of a terrifying visit to a canyon in Utah and what would follow the unsuspecting visitor  home.

17. Sleepy Hollow: British Invasion

A lighter tale to cleanse our pallets from the super scary most recent episodes, Katy takes us to the small New York town of Sleepy Hollow and explores the story that brings it fame, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving, as well as the experience of English ghost hunting team Most Haunted (low on equipment, high on screams). Is the Sleepy Hollow cemetery really haunted? Is drawing alone in a cemetery actually weird? Is Brian the medium made up of cord, or is it rope? Listen and find out!

16. There’s Something about Mary

In this episode Morgan terrifies Katy with a true haunting of an unsuspecting live-in nurse and an elderly catatonic woman alone in a house. Who could be a more comforting companion? Listen if you dare, or, if like Katy, you’ll be under a blanket the whole time.


11. A Skeleton in a Forgotten Room

Katy takes us to the seaside Chambercombe Manor in England which boasts of a bricked up room with terrible secrets and guilt-wracked spirits.