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56. A Demon in the Desert

Enjoy this hilarious episode from our archives as Morgan travels– Morgan is taking us to Sin City for an exorcism with an all-star cast of the Ghost Adventures, a Bishop, and a Nun! But in this terrifying home where a spirit has allegedly already… Continue Reading “56. A Demon in the Desert”

51. Man or Demon?

Morgan cleanses our pallets with a story courtesy of the Rescue Mediums. We join a family at their wits end, unable to tolerate the constant, dark activity that plagues their home. Is the darkness merely a disgruntled spirit, or something much more dangerous?

41. Someone Watching Over You

In this episode Morgan jumps on the Rescue Mediums train and tells of their experiences helping some spirits into the light in a violently haunted residence. A woman thrown over a treadmill, a floating shirt, a military guard, it’s all there! 

39. The Demon in the Duplex

Morgan takes us to the suburban home of a woman and her son where spooky things keep happening. But after a medium is called and the house is cleared, things continue to go bump in the night.

38. Cursed Ghost Town

Katy takes us to Bodie, California where sits a massive, perfectly preserved ghost town with a violent past. But before it was ever a boom town, a prospector by the name of W. S. Bodey discovered gold there. His demise supposedly set in motion a curse that has affected hundreds of curious visitors to this day. 

37. Listener Story Special

Katy regales Morgan with a couple of scary stories sent to us by our loyal campers. To join their ranks, email us your story at 

34. Go Have a Pagan Phase

Morgan gives what is hopefully the final update on her haunted home, as well as a spooky tale of a ghost child terrifying a stay at home mom. After researching the history of the home, she reveals the dark and traumatic past of her son’s “imaginary friend”. But will she be able to help him move on??? Listen and find out!! 

33. Haunted New Orleans Mortuary

With Mardi Gras coming up, Katy takes us to 4800 Canal St. in New Orleans to a former death emporium and tells the rich and morbid history of the mansion as well as the activity that continues to the present. But be warned, this episode contains EVPs (courtesy of the people at which are truly unsettling. If that only excites you, on you go dear listener!

32. Haunted Stone Lion Inn

Morgan tells of the storied past of the Stone Lion Inn.

31. 30 East Drive: Black Monk of Pontefract! The Musical

Katy covers this famously violent and wild location from the occurrences that made it famous in the 60’s to the Most Haunted team’s fateful recent investigation that left physical and mental scars on some who participated. So listen, if you dare, to the horrifying story of the Black Monk of Pontefract! All knocking, all banging, all screaming, all dancing!

30. Playing with Fire: Anita’s Back

Morgan tells of a haunted private home where a woman’s toxic mother has made good on a promise to haunt her after she died. Throw in an affinity for fire and a guttural hate scream and you’ve got a real scary story that won’t disappoint for our campers.

Email your stories at and we might read them on the show!  

29. Haunted Tattoo Parlor: Bear Feet

A huge male entity who targets women is terrorizing Liberty Tattoo Parlor in Antioch, IL and the owners don’t miss a beat in getting to the bottom of it. Listen for this terrifying tale and if you have your own experience you would like to share, email it to us at

27. Moll Dyer: The Winter Witch

Katy turns to the amazing weather channel’s research for American Supernatural to tell of one of the OG witches in the woods who inspired many films: Moll Dyer. This witch is said to haunt a small town in Maryland, where many of the local residents have much to say about their experiences. Tune in for a healthy dose of puritans and facts about the weather!!

26. The Merchant’s House Museum

A house caught in a time warp, an un-lived life…Katy relays the history of this ancient, luxurious home as well as her experience visiting in the newest episode from camp.

24. A Casual Canada Haunting

Morgan tells of a Ontario family plagued by a strange, not altogether unpleasant spirit. Listen for cats, fire safety, bird flu, everything you’ve ever wanted in a podcast! 

23. Halloween Hangover: DIY Catacombs

Halloween is over, and we’re pretty sad about it. But it won’t stop us from telling a spooky story that’ll be sure to chill you, especially if you’ve ever babysat. 

Halloween Special

Chock full of rapid fire true scary stories, Halloween movie trivia, and a killer listener story sent to us for the special, this episode is extra long extra fun and extra freaky.

2. Listener Story: Haunt Meat

Katy is sent an insane and terrifying ghost story from an anonymous sender which will make you give your neighborhood creepy house a wider birth than usual. Put up your crafts and change out of your swimsuits, camp activities are over and the wacky scary stories begin. 

21. Pluckley Village: A Good Amount of Ghosts

Listen as Katy describes two of the many (twelve) ghosts of what is allegedly the most haunted village in England: Pluckley. A highwayman is murdered violently in the “screaming woods” and Katy tells how the Most Haunted team follow the clues until they unravel the mystery around his death. 

19. The Nature of Skinwalkers and Dogs

Katy takes us through the Navajo legend  of Skinwalkers and shares an account of a terrifying visit to a canyon in Utah and what would follow the unsuspecting visitor  home.