2020 is upon us! But the future is spooky so Morgan took us to the past. Well, kind of. Morgan is the story teller this week and she’s chosen Amish Haunting to bring us into the new decade, which is appropriate because Morgan and Katy are very much old village women from 1743 so we feel comfortable with modern people who slaughter their own pigs. Listen, laugh, and be uncomfortable but never forget, there ain’t no happy endings in Amish country.

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Morgan and Katy are taking a break for the holidays but enjoy this wonderful and terrifying ghost story from My Ghost Story.

A pregnant young woman hastily moves into a home that seems way too nice for the price, and when she finds a baby’s shoe in the room that would be her nursery, she takes it as a good sign! But should she?

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You may have heard of dark anti-santas like Krampus, maybe even Schmutzli, but are you interested in the other evil creatures that come out to play in the darkest time of the year? Northern Europe leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to their bonkers and downright dangerous Christmas baddies, so curl up with some cocoa and hide your spoons and sausages, lest the Yule Lads find your cottage in the night!

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Katy takes us to the lovely Loire Valley where an abundance of beautiful French castles sit in their majesty. Many of them over 1,000 years old, there’s bound to be a ghost or two, and Katy has found them. Listen as she tells the tales of two haunted chateaux with her usual zeal and some French accents.

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