For most people, when you hear a bump in the night, you can hide under the covers. But for first responders, it’s their job to walk towards danger, even if it’s not strictly human…

CW: there is a brief mention of a suicide in the first story

Morgan uses the super intense and awesome show Paranormal 911 to tell three super spooky tales that leave us scratching our heads. Listen and enjoy!

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Morgan and Katy are back with their usual frightening fun! Morgan is moving this week and was not interested in covering a a paranormal tv show where a new home turns out to be a hell house, so she chose an episode of Rescue Mediums (which is already pretty lighthearted) where the people have lived in their hell house a good long while.

It’s the Rescue Mediums’ first brush with the demonic, and its a really good time.

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