221. A Conversation with Intuitive Witch, Kimberly Redd: Spirits, Fairies, Deities, and a Dinner with the Dead

While Morgan is on maternity leave awaiting her precious little trick or treater, Katy talked with her good friend Kim, an intuitive witch, about many of the topics we speculate about on the podcast. Kim tells so many fantastic stories about experiences with human spirits, the one Ouija board encounter that made her swear them off, and what she’s been doing in Priestess training.

To keep up with Kim, follow her on instagram @kimberlyredd_ and at her website https://www.yogattune.com/

She also has an album available on spotify for children’s yoga https://open.spotify.com/album/71GVXH9RrHOH8P8mfsBL8E?si=LnXKRgNqSSGmmOll0lqdqw

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