198. True Ghost Stories: Sexy Celebrity Edition

Are you ever in the mood for a ghost story but you just wish the storyteller was…foxier? Been there, and luckily I have compiled some amazing ghost stories from some hot celebrities including The Sopranos’ Michael Imperioli, Gay Icon Joan Collins, and Baywatch’s Donna D’errico from their time on Celebrity Ghost Stories. So sit around the fire with us, and bring an extra blanket to drape over these regulation hotties when they start to conveniently shiver closer.

Also we’re so sorry Morgan’s audio is clunky! We’re working on it ❤ We record remotely so it’s difficult to troubleshoot in the moment but we really try to produce the best quality we can and it sucks when we can’t. Thanks for understanding 🙂

Refresh your memory about Sid and Nancy’s Gruesome Story

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