Katy’s beloved Ian guest stars in this episode and regales us with tales of the Iceman Curse, a trail of death that formed in the wake of the discovery of a frozen, preserved body in the Alps. Morgan leads us back to the states with a family haunting and a creepy hunchback, and Katy takes us to the deep south as she reads the terrifying account of a listener who sent in her own stories of the paranormal persuasion.

Katy takes us to the seaside Chambercombe Manor in England which boasts of a bricked up room with terrible secrets and guilt-wracked spirits while Morgan gives an account of a good ol’ demonic possession, 70s style.  Could you fit 5 of the most evil people in the world inside your soul?? Listen to see what happens when someone does! *Spoiler* there will be suffering, and not the fun kind.