Sometimes, oftentimes, paranormal television shows are too good to be true. And when fake psychic Derek Acorah is involved, they always are. But that doesn’t mean the insane Antiques Roadshow/paranormal investigation inspired television series Antiques Ghostshow shouldn’t be thoroughly picked apart for our enjoyment.

This is truly a bonkers episode, made by two people slowly losing their minds in the Camp Roanoke bunker. However it’s lighthearted and fun, so enjoy if it’s what you need right now ❤

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For this mid-covid 19 pandemic episode, Katy takes Morgan and you all to a dark, dark place only to show you how to conjure the light. She retells the fascinating story of the season finale of the new Psychic Kids show where we meet an extremely dark presence.

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Cape Cod has a long history of sea-faring men, and many of its original homes were built to house sea captains. The men are long dead, but their homes are still occupied, and ghosts of the past make themselves known to these current occupants. Katy reads from Ghosts, Myths and Legends as told to the Historical Society of Old Yarmouth, a collection of ghost stories from the new residents of these saltbox homes.