Katy takes us to the lovely Loire Valley where an abundance of beautiful French castles sit in their majesty. Many of them over 1,000 years old, there’s bound to be a ghost or two, and Katy has found them. Listen as she tells the tales of two haunted chateaux with her usual zeal and some French accents.

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It’s finally here! The day we carry in our hearts every day. The third harvest. Samhain. All Hallow’s Eve. Halloween. Join Morgan, Katy, and special yearly guest Ian as they read a bundle of true scary stories as well as some hilariously difficult trivia. And stick around longer still, for a superb listener story.

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Katy takes us to the wild west of England where some great ghost stories lay in wait. See the story behind the Lady in White and the Carew Ape as well as why a horrible hag has visited St. Donat’s.

We also wrap up Stephen Kingtoberfest with our chat about Children of the Corn.

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